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Hi, I'm Michael Marinaccio

As chief executive officer of Magnitude, Michael draws on fifteen years of experience as a strategist, designer, and developer. He most recently worked for Adam Putnam's gubernatorial race in Florida and served as senior digital director for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Working for Thom Tillis, Michael helped Republicans regain the U.S. Senate in 2014. Then, as the NRSC’s creative director, he maintained the majority in 2016. Michael previously worked for Rep. Bill Shuster in the U.S. House and for Rep. Cory Gardner, Rep. Jason Smith, Rep. Jo Ann Emerson, and Sen. Jon Kyl as a fundraiser. He hails from South Carolina and is a New York transplant. Michael currently lives in Virginia with his wife, Libby, and two children.

Michael's Abilities

When it comes to technical skills, Michael has them all. A web developer and designer since high school, Michael has conquered the entire Adobe Creative Suite, full audio and video production, and is fluent in several programming languages — including HTML, MySQL, and Python. Michael has also spent and raised millions across Google, Facebook, and other digital platforms.

Videography - 5 years of experienceJazzy
Graphic Design - 11 years of experienceAwesome
Web Development - 15 years of experienceBadass
Advertising - 4 years of experienceSweet

Amazing Services

What Michael can do
  • Political Consulting

    Need help setting your strategy or don't know the right message? With four cycles of hardened campaign experience, Michael can help navigate tough public policy areas.

  • Full-Service Video

    Everyone says video is the future, but it's already here. Michael can turn your idea into an impressive and engaging video that moves your target audience.

  • Digital Consulting

    Don't get digital? That's OK. Michael has helped dozens of organizations get results by bringing in professional talent that dramatically exceeds expectations.

  • Branding

    With 11 years of experience in design, Michael has seen the same logo over and over. Be unique and dare to think outside of Avenir font and an icon.

  • Web Design

    Building a website can be the worst. But Michael can build a premier product for any budget, removing a headache that typically plagues many organizations.

  • Advertising

    Having spent tens of millions of dollars online, Michael knows a thing or two about spending money effectively.

  • Modeling

    Data is more important than anything. If you don't have the right data, your marketing is wasted. Find the audiences who matter the most to you.

Speaking, Panels, & Trainings

Michael has spoken on numerous panels, moderated informal talks, and taught publicly and privately available classes in the House, the Senate, and for political organizations. Topics have included: Approaching Design, Intro to Photography, Video, Audio & Lighting, Photoshop 101/210, Email Fundraising 101, and more. If you’d like to have Michael speak, shoot him a note below!

New Media Exchange - "Story-telling for Public Policy"
DC/Philly Digital Summit - “Digital is the Table”
New Media Exchange - "Online Fundraising"
New Media Exchange - "Lifecycle Marketing"
CampaignTech East - "The Impact of Visual Marketing for Campaigns”
Public Affairs Council - “Social Media Advocacy”

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