Michael has spoken on numerous panels, moderated informal talks, and taught publicly and privately available classes in the House, the Senate, and for political organizations. Topics have included: Approaching Design, Intro to Photography, Video, Audio & Lighting, Photoshop 101/210, Email Fundraising 101, and more. If you’d like to have Michael speak, contact michael@magnitudedc.com


Previous Classes/Talks:

  • Producing Videos for Your Member of Congress Producing Videos for Your Member of Congress
  • “Reaching Voters Digitally”
  • "Advertising to Move Hearts and Open Wallets"
  • "Story-telling for Public Policy"
  • Digital Summit: “Digital is the Table”
  • NME: "Online Fundraising"
  • NME: "Lifecycle Marketing"
  • CampaignTech: "The Impact of Visual Marketing for Campaigns”

  • Public Affairs Council: “Social Media Advocacy”
  • APTA: “All About Advocacy”
  • Bike Summit: “Video Advocacy”
  • "Approaching Design"
  • "Intro to Photography"
  • "Photoshop 101/210 Course"